Copper Earthing Electrode. Lightning Arrester. Rod To Tape Clamp.

Leading Supplier of Copper Earthing Electrode, Copper Bonded Electrode, Earth Enhancing Compound in India

Veraizen Earthing is India's leading Manufacturers, Suppliers of Earthing Bus Bars, Cable Tray, Earth Enhancing compounds, and other products that are available in high-quality.

All the products have to go through several quality tests. If any product is failed to pass the quality test, they are not supplied/shipped to our clients. Only high-quality products are shipped.

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We Provide top products like Copper Earthing Electrodes and GI Earthing Electrodes are used in electrical installations to provide a safe and efficient grounding system. Copper Earthing Electrodes offer excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making them a reliable choice for earthing applications. GI Earthing Electrodes are a cost-effective alternative and offer good durability and strength. Lightning Arresters are devices used to protect buildings and electrical systems from lightning strikes. They redirect the electrical energy from lightning strikes to the ground, preventing damage to the building and its occupants. Earth Pit Covers are used to cover earthing pits, protecting them from damage and ensuring their longevity. Together, these products provide a safe and effective earthing system for electrical installations.

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We Manufacture High Copper Earthing Electrode, GI Earthing Electrode, Lightning Arrester, Earth Pit Cover, Earthing Down Conductor Tape, Cable Tray for Earthing, and many more products Supplier and Stockist in Mumbai, India.


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We provide the best quality products. We also provide the best services that are of top class. We offer on-time delivery, quality checks, and many such services.

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Veraizen Earthing has been certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate that is issued by ANSI (American National Standards Institute which is an official member of IAF.

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