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Veraizen Earthing is one of the largest FRP Earth Pit Cover Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai, India. Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a type of plastic with a high load bearing capacity. FRP Earth Pit is majorly used to cover Earth Pit and helps to protect exposure of earthing to environment. These FRP Earth Pit Covers are created with advanced technology and come in a variety of designs, including conical, square, and other shapes, as well as green and black colours. Since FRP Earthing Pit Covers are available in various sizes so these can cater all industrial as well as residential demands. We are also the suppliers of PVC Earthing Pit Cover, and so on.


  • Factory build holes for accessing strips / wires easily at two side
  • Made of heavy duty polyethylene for extra durability
  • Resistant materials, assuring long use-life
  • Green top cap matches the environment

About FRP Earthing Pit Cover

Veraizen Earthing is the most popular brand of the FRP Earthing Pit Cover Manufacturers in India. We're working hard to provide the best range of earth pit covers. These are manufactured by our team of trained and professional specialists who are capable and qualified to produce these earth pit covers of the highest quality. We're working on making a light-weight, high-load-bearing FRP Earth Pit Cover. We are developing the comparative products in the cast iron and concrete type pit covers. FRP cover made by U-Protec are purely Resin-based and have the great feature of having light weight and superior strength, even can withstand a load of appx. 5 ton.

FRP Earthing Pit Cover Uses

FRP Earthing pit cover are widely used all over the world in different industries. Here are the top uses of FRP Earthing pit cover -

  • Earth Pit Cover are made of high grade material.
  • Earth Pit covers have good chemical resistance and no absorption.
  • These Earth Pit Covers have substantial working load capacity.
  • These are preferred over their concrete made counterparts for their light weight and simple installation method.
  • These provide trouble free access to earthing electrode.
  • These Earth pit cover can endure heavy load.

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