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Varaizen Earthing are leading Earthing Down Conductor Tape manufacturers in Mumbai India. Earthing Down Conductor Tape is used to construct capture meshes, down conductor connections in lightning protection systems, and grounding systems, among other applications as a conductive element. Our Earthing Down Conductor Tape are made with precision using the best quality raw materials. We also offer customized Earthing Down Conductor Tape & GI Down Conductor as per the customers requirement. We also supplier of Earthing Strip, GI Strip, GI Patti, Earthing Patti, Earthing Flat, GI Flat, Electroplated Strip, Cold Dip Strip.

Types of Earthing Down Conductor Tape -

Copper Conductor Tape Supplier

Copper Conductor Tape

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GI conductor tape Dealer

GI Conductor Tape

We offer a range of high-quality Earthing GI Conductor...

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In order to reduce the likelihood of damage due to lightning currents circulating in the LPS, Down Conductors must be arranged so that from the point of impact grounding is:

Protection Level Distance between conductors
I 10 m
II 10 m
III 15 m
IV 20 m

About Earthing Down Conductor Tape

The lightning rod is connected to ground with at least two Down Conductors located on opposite facades whenever possible. Its path must be as straight as possible, using the shortest path to earth, avoiding any sharp bend or lift. When several ESEs are installed on the same building they can share Down Conductors. Down Conductors should adhere to the materials and dimensions defined in IEC 62561-2 due to the nature of the lightning strike. The materials listed in table 5 are the most highly recommended. We also deal in Earth Pit Cover

Pricing Table of Down Conductor

Material Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (m) Price per Roll (INR)
Copper Conductor Tape 25 0.1 30 2,200
50 0.1 30 4,400
75 0.1 30 6,600
100 0.1 30 8,800
GI Conductor Tape 25 0.3 30 1,100
50 0.3 30 2,200
75 0.3 30 3,300
100 0.3 30 4,400

The prices listed above are for reference only and are subject to change based on changes in the cost of raw materials.

Earthing Down Conductor Tape Uses

Earthing Down Conductor Tape are widely used all over the world in different industries. Here are the top uses of Earthing Down Conductor Tape -

  • The purpose of the down conductor is to provide the low impedance path from the air termination system to the earth system.
  • Any good conductor which forms part of the building structure can be employed as a down conductor with appropriate connection to the air termination and earthing systems.
  • For down leads not part of the structure, copper and aluminium earth tapes are the most widely used materials, these are sometimes PVC sheathed for aesthetic purposes only.
  • Where practical they should be routed directly from the air termination to the earth system and be spaced symmetrically around the outside walls of the structure.
  • At all times consideration must be given to the possibility of side flashing. Each down conductor should also be provided with a test point as a means of isolating the earth electrode for test purposes.

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