Disconnection link for Earthing Manufacturer

Disconnection link for Earthing Manufacturers in India

Veraizon Earthing are leading Disconnection link for Earthing manufacturers in Mumbai India. Disconnecting Links provide a brief interruption in the earth's connection. This permits an Earth Rod to be tested while being disconnected from the Lightning Protection System. Tinned Disconnecting Links are corrosion-resistant. Copper earth bars come with either a single or twin disconnecting link, allowing them to be isolated for testing.

Disconnection link for Earthing Suppliers, Exporter in India

We offer a wide range of Disconnecting Link to meet the needs and specifications of the industry. Disconnecting Links are constructed using high-quality raw materials such as high-conductivity copper, electrolytic copper, free-cutting brass, high-quality brass, and other materials that ensure greater customer satisfaction. The Disconnecting Link creates a temporary interruption in the earth connection so that the earth electrode can be inspected and tested. We also deal in Rod to Tape Clamp

Disconnection link for Earthing Specification

Material Copper
Length 50 Mm
Width 6 Mm
Grade Superior
Power 600 Amp and 1000 Amp
Surface Polished
Feature Rust Proof

Earth Bars with Signle Disconnection link

AN Wallis Part Number Number of Ways/Terminations Earth Bar Dimensions (length x width x height)  Unit weight
EBC106 6 485mm x 90mm x 60mm 2.50kg
EBC108 8 585mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.00kg
EBC110 10 735mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.90kg
EBC112 12 835mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.70kg
EBC114 14 935mm x 90mm x 60mm 5.60kg
EBC116 16 1035mm x 90mm x 60mm 6.50kg
EBC118 18 1185mm x 90mm x 60mm 7.40kg
EBC120 20 1335mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.30kg
EBC122 22 1385mm x 90mm x 60mm 9.20kg
EBC124 24 1485mm x 90mm x 60mm 10.10kg
EBC126 26 1635mm x 90mm x 60mm 11.00kg
EBC128 28 1735mm x 90mm x 60mm 11.90kg
EBC130 30 1885mm x 90mm x 60mm 12.80kg

About Disconnection link for Earthing

The Disconnecting Link is mainly used to offer a temporary break in the connection to earth allowing the testing of an earth rod whilst disconnecting from the lightning protection system. Earth Bars and Disconnecting Links are used to provide a convenient common earthing point for quality-assured electrical installations. Earth Bar Disconnecting Links are also available in a variety of spectacular dimensions and high-quality finishes to fulfill the needs of customers.

Pricing Table of Disconnecting link

Capacity (Amps) Voltage (kV) Price per Unit (INR)
100 11 1500
200 11 2250
400 22 3500
630 33 5000
1000 66 7500
1250 66 9000

The prices listed above are for reference only and are subject to change based on changes in the cost of raw materials.

Disconnection link for Earthing Uses

Disconnection link for Earthing are widely used all over the world in different industries. Here are the top uses of Disconnection link for Earthing -

  • Disconnecting links are mainly used to offer a temporary break or isolation point in the earth connection permitting testing of an earth rod whilst disconnecting from the overall lightning protection system.
  • Customised bars and earth bosses made from copper or stainless steel can be designed to suit project applications to provide a common earth connection point for buildings and steel structures.
  • Earth bars are made from high conductivity 50 x 6mm hard drawn copper bar with M10 stud fittings for cable lug termination or earth tape connection – suitable for mounting to wall, switchgear or electrical equipment via countersunk wood screws.

Special Properties of Disconnecting Link :

  • Increases longevity.
  • Water resistance.
  • Immaculate finish.
  • Dimensionally accurate.
  • Excellent strength.
  • Customization available.

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