Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester Manufacturer

Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester Manufacturer in India

Veraizen Earthing are leading Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester manufacturers, Spike Lightning Arrester, 5 Spike Lightning Arrester in Mumbai India. Spike lightning arrestor is a cutting-edge product that is based on global technology and offers better oxidation resistance. Long product life is ensured by the thickness of copper on the copper bonded earthing electrode, which is 100/250 micronit. We offer a comprehensive range of Conventional Lightning Protection Spike in order to maintain our enviable position in this sector. It is built with cutting-edge technology to evenly grind lightning currents into the ground while providing a safe and secure channel for their movement

Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester Specification

Standards IS & IEC
Usage/Application For Lighting Protection
Lighting Protection Material Pure Copper, Copper Coated, Galvanized, MS, SS
Air Terminal Diameter 14MM,17MM,19MM,25MM
Color Black, Copper, Silver
Phase Single Phase
Mast Height Standard
Poles Number 1 Pole
Size 1Mtr,1.2Mtr,1.5Mtr and As per requirement
Material Pure Copper,Copper Coated,Galvanized,MS,SS
Voltage 12KV
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Source Electric

Product Details

Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester Specifications
Ball Dia(mm) 42, 62, 85, 100.
Pipe Length 1200.
Pipe OD(mm) 25.
Pipe SWG Spike 22, 27.
Spike 45 mm, 140 mm.

Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester Supplier, Exporter, Dealer in India -

Spike Lightning Arrestor is manufactured and distributed using high-quality materials and scientific specifications for each product. We design the spike lightning arrestor, Spike Lightning Arrester, 5 Spike Lightning Arrester in accordance with the guidelines and norms established by the relevant authorities, as well as government regulations. Its uniformly coated thickness assures consistent performance, making it an economical choice for users. Spike lightning arrestor is available at the best price in India. We also deal in Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester in India.


  • Superior performance
  • Unmatched strength
  • Longer service life
  • Excellent electrical dissipation capacity
  • No antenna and beacon interference

Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester

Veraizen Earthing provides high-quality Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester in the major cities of India. Veraizen Earthing also exports Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester to more than 80+ countries in the world. All Forged Fittings meet atleast the minimum requirements International Quality Standards(IQS).

About Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester

What is Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester? - spike Lightning Arrestor provides lightning safety to protect tall or isolated building, this conventional lightning arrester is installed at the roof of the building or mast of a vessel which then protects your building from lighting. conventional type lightning arrester are special grounding systems designed to safely conduct the extremely high voltage currents associated with lightning strikes..

Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester Uses

Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester are widely used all over the world in different industries. Here are the top uses of Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester -

  • Lightning Protection System or Lightning Conductor is a system designed to protect a commercial or residential structure from damage due to lightning strikes.
  • By intercepting such strikes and safely passing their extremely high voltage currents to "ground".
  • Lightning protection systems include a network of ESE (Early Streamer Emission) lightning rods, metal conductors, and ground & electrodes
  • Designed to provide a low & resistance path to ground for potential strikes. With 70 sq mm copper down conductor.

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