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ESE Lightning Arrester Manufacturer in India

Veraizen Earthing are leading ESE Lightning Arrester manufacturers in Mumbai India. We provide a diverse assortment of ESE Lightning Arrester to our customers. These items are primarily used to offer information on the number of lightning strikes that have been safely discharged by our lightning protection system. Our products are created with high-quality raw materials, and they are designed with our clients' needs and expectations in mind. The ESE Active Lightning Protection System put on the existing building's principal role is to capture a lightning strike and safely conduct discharge current to the ground. However, in some cases, the active lightning system is the only way to guard against direct lightning strikes.

Specification ESE Lightning Arrester

ESE Lightning Arrester Specifications
Ball Dia(mm) 42, 62, 85, 100.
Pipe Length 1200.
Pipe OD(mm) 25.

Product Details

Lighting Protection Material Aluminum
Brand Ennov
Diameter 10-15 mm
Application Lightning system
Resistible Wind Speed Over 50 m/s

ESE Lightning Arrester Suppliers, Exporters, Dealer in India

The ESE Lightning Arrester's main function is to generate an upward propagating streamer earlier than conventional air terminals or other objects on the ground by collecting and storing ground charge during the early stages of thunderstorm development and emitting strong and consistent upward streamers to intercept leaders.Our lightning protection system may be used in a variety of climates and at high altitudes. The NFC 17-102 standard was used to design and manufacture this ESE Lightning Arrester. We also deal in Conventional Spike Lightning Arrester in India.

ESE Lightning Arrester

Veraizen Earthing provides high-quality ESE Lightning Arrester in the major cities of India. Veraizen Earthing also exports ESE Lightning Arrester to more than 80+ countries in the world. All Forged Fittings meet atleast the minimum requirements International Quality Standards(IQS).

About ESE Lightning Arrester

(ESE) Lightning Arrester is a safe and dependable solution for preventing direct lightning strikes on your building or solar installation. The ESE Lightning Arrester, also known as Active Lightning Arrester, provides an improved Radius of Protection, allowing you to reduce the number of Lightning Arresters and down conductors required for your building or solar project while still offering comprehensive protection.

ESE Lightning Arrester Uses

ESE Lightning Arrester are widely used all over the world in different industries. Here are the top uses of ESE Lightning Arrester -

  • Lightning Protection System or Lightning Conductor is a system designed to protect a commercial or residential structure from damage due to lightning strikes.
  • By intercepting such strikes and safely passing their extremely high voltage currents to "ground".
  • Lightning protection systems include a network of ESE (Early Streamer Emission) lightning rods, metal conductors, and ground & electrodes
  • Designed to provide a low & resistance path to ground for potential strikes. With 70 sq mm copper down conductor.

Silent Features of ESE Lightning arrester

  • It is protected againts corrosion and needs no maintenance.
  • It is a Testable device. 
  • Is is a Electronic device.
  • Inside Ion Generator. 
  • Needs no External power source.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Tested and certified product.

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