Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter in India

Veraizen Earthing is a well known Clamps Manufacturer in India. As a trusted and reliable manufacturer and supplier, we offering an extensive range of high-quality Clamps to match diverse industrial needs and applications. We are a leading Clamps Supplier in India. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every manufacturing of Clamps.

Clamps Manufacturer in India

Clamps Manufacturer in India

We are a top quality Clamps Supplier in India. Clamps are available in various sizes and styles, ranging from basic hose clamps for small plumbing fixes to sturdy bench clamps. Nevertheless, all types of clamps share a common purpose, which is to secure the material you are working on in place while you perform tasks like cutting, sanding, drilling, and planing. We are also a leading GI Earthing Electrode Manufacturer in India.

Clamps Specification

We are a well known Clamps Manufacturer globally. Specification, Size and Length of Clamps mention below.

Specification Details
Clamping Force 300 lbs to 1,000+ lbs, 1,000 lbs to 3,000 lbs, 50 lbs to 200 lbs, 100 lbs to 5,000+ lbs, 400 lbs to 1,000+ lbs
Product Type Universal Clamp, Diagonal Clamp, Standing Seam Clamp, Rod to Cable/Tape Clamp, U Bolt Clamp, Cable to Tape Clamp, Square Tape Clamp, Pipe Clamp, Bi Metallic Clamp
Material Cast iron, steel, aluminum, wood,

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Types of Clamps

Clamps Dimension Chart

Clamps Dimension Chart
Clamp Size Flange Ø (mm) Rad. B (mm) Length C (mm) Width W (mm) Mass (kg) Nut Type SKU
10/15/20 34.0 67.0 85.0 17.0 0.17 Wing Nut CL.SH.D010
10/15/20 34.0 67.0 85.0 17.0 0.17 Hex Nut CL.SHX.D010
25 50.5 88.0 109.0 17.0 0.22 Wing Nut CL.SH.D025
25 50.5 88.0 109.0 17.0 0.22 Hex Nut CL.SHX.D025
50 64.0 93.0 123.0 17.0 0.28 Wing Nut CL.SH.D050
50 64.0 93.0 123.0 17.0 0.28 Hex Nut CL.SHX.D050
65 91.0 105.0 150.0 17.0 0.44 Wing Nut CL.SH.0300
65 91.0 105.0 150.0 17.0 0.44 Hex Nut CL.SHX.0300
80 106.0 110.0 165.0 17.0 0.44 Wing Nut CL.SH.0350
80 106.0 110.0 165.0 17.0 0.44 Hex Nut CL.SHX.0350
100 119.0 119.0 185.0 17.0 0.57 Wing Nut CL.SH.0400
100 119.0 119.0 185.0 17.0 0.57 Hex Nut CL.SHX.0400
125 155.0 155.0 252.0 24.0 1.39 Wing Nut CH.SH.0550
125 155.0 155.0 252.0 24.0 1.39 Hex Nut CH.SHX.0550
150 183.0 164.0 280.0 24.0 1.61 Wing Nut CL.SH.0658
150 183.0 164.0 280.0 24.0 1.61 Hex Nut CL.SHX.0658
200 233.0 185.0 333.0 24.0 2.25 Wing Nut CL.SH.0858
250* 268.0 213.0 382.0 24.0 2.78 Wing Nut CL.SH.1000
300* 319.0 242.0 458.0 24.0 3.69 Wing Nut CL.SH.1200
300* 319.0 242.0 458.0 24.0 3.69 Hex Nut CL.SHX.1200

Applications & Uses of Clamps

  • Automotive Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Refining Industry
  • Constructions Sites
  • Ship Building Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Food, Beverage, and Dairy
Applications & Uses

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Client Project Report for Clamps

Our company is acknowledged as a leading Clamps Supplier. We regularly receive orders for Clamps from clients all over the country, and we also a high quality Clamps Exporter. Our products range in various sizes and diameter tailored to meet specific clients requirement.

Client Project
Client Project Report
Clamps for Oil and Gas Industry Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
Diagonal Clamps supplied to Power Plant Mumbai, Maharashtra
Universal Clamps supply for Petrochemical Tamil Nadu, Chennai

Clamps Delivery & Packaging Information

  • Payment Modes : LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
  • Packaging : Clamps are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client as well as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  • Port of Dispatch : Mumbai or Kalamboli ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  • Tax : 18% GST.

Cities We Supply Clamps

Veraizen Earthing is recognized as a premier Clamps Exporter in India. We offer top-of-the-line Clamps in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and other cities. Our products are known for their exceptional quality and can be customized to fulfill the specific needs of our clients, establishing us as a dependable Clamps Supplier.

Supplied Cities
Cities We Supply
Peenya Channapatna Kharagpur Nashik Mumbai Delhi
Varanasi Haldia Rourkela Bangalore Kolkata Chennai
Visakhapatnam Trivandrum Pithampur Dibrugarh Angul Gwalior
Coimbatore Kannur Nagpur Vadodara Rudrapur Noida
Agra Bhagalpur Jamshedpur Bhilai Lucknow Kanpur
Thane Bhopal Surat Bareilly Hosdurg Pithampur

Countries We Export Clamps

Veraizen Earthing is a renowned Clamps Exporter in India. Each year, over ten tons of Clamps are exported from India. We regularly ship to numerous countries to cater to the needs of our new customers. Our ability to promptly deliver Clamps enables us to effectively communicate and meet our clients' demands and expectations.

Exported Countries
Countries We Export
Saudi Arabia Qatar Canada
Sri Lanka Iran Nigeria
Bangladesh Oman UAE
Turkey Kuwait Venezuela
Africa Singapore Netherlands
United Kingdom Mexico Malaysia
United States Australia Japan

Clamps Manufacturer

Clamps Manufacturer

Clamps Supplier

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