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Veraizon Earthing is a leading GI Conductor Tape Manufacturers in Mumbai, India. GI Conductor Tape is known for its high tensile strength, stability, and corrosion resistance. Coated cable tapes, also known as galvanized iron tape, are one of the most widely used. The Galvanized Iron Tape is also used in power cables for its corrosion resistance, anti-rust features, and exceptional protective zinc coating. GI Conductor Tapes come in coils that are tightly wrapped in waterproof packaging to ensure that they are protected mechanically. As a result, the steel tapes can be utilized safely deep beneath the sea or underground without fear of harm. We are also dealers of Copper Conductor Tape, and so on.

About GI Conductor Tape

Veraizen Earthing is well-known manufacturer, supplier, dealers and traders of GI Conductor Tape in India. All GI Conductor Tapes are annealed for ultimate ductility and feature radiused edges to aid on-site installation. Available in a range of coil lengths depending upon the tape dimensions, we also offer a cutting service where tapes are sold by the metre. For applications where different metals will be in contact with each other or areas of high soil contamination, we would recommend fully tinned GI tapes.

GI Conductor Tape Uses

GI Conductor Tape are widely used all over the world in different industries. Here are the top uses of GI Conductor Tape -

  • The purpose of the down conductor is to provide the low impedance path from the air termination system to the earth system.
  • Any good conductor which forms part of the building structure can be employed as a down conductor with appropriate connection to the air termination and earthing systems.
  • For down leads not part of the structure, copper and aluminium earth tapes are the most widely used materials, these are sometimes PVC sheathed for aesthetic purposes only.
  • Where practical they should be routed directly from the air termination to the earth system and be spaced symmetrically around the outside walls of the structure.
  • At all times consideration must be given to the possibility of side flashing. Each down conductor should also be provided with a test point as a means of isolating the earth electrode for test purposes.

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